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Now You Can Connect to Multiple Parent Cards


Our new connections feature, available in Advanced and Premium edition accounts, allows you to connect cards to multiple parents, making it easy to visualize complex relationships between cards and communicate project status across multiple boards.

If you have several stakeholders that need rollup info on smaller project steps, this new feature can help all those involved to easily track the process directly from their boards, and you can easily view all all parent cards related to a child card from any time via the Parent Cards tab.


Visualize Simple and Complex Connections


For connections relationships on the same board, you can use our connections mapping feature to easily visualize the connections on your board with red lines mapping them out.


These images show a somewhat complex relationship between cards, easily visualized with our connections mapping.

The “New Feature” card has three child cards connected to it, as well as three parent cards. As the child cards are moved, the progress bar on the parent cards indicates what has been completed. This is perfect for visualizing dependent work items when necessary.


Even when there are several parent cards on multiple different boards, it’s easy to tell when related or dependent work has been completed by simply checking the progress bar on the parent card. 


Different editions of LeanKit include different connection abilities:

  • Advanced and Premium Edition accounts can connect to multiple parent and child cards on the same board and multiple parent and child cards on multiple other boards.
  • Select Edition accounts can connect to a single parent card and multiple child cards on the same board and to a single parent card and multiple cards on one other board.
  • Lite and Standard Edition accounts cannot connect cards.

For more information on parent and child card connections, check out our connections overview and related articles here.

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