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December 9 Release Notes


  • We streamlined and made the home screen faster and more responsive by implementing our new technology framework. This is the first wave of many improvements as we continue to deploy this new framework in more parts of the LeanKit web application. This also means that, as we announced in October 2016, Internet Explorer versions prior to 11 now no longer support the LeanKit web application.
  • We reorganized board templates to be more intuitive and allow for additional templates (coming soon).
  • The Exceptions report now includes a count of cards rather than the sum of the card sizes to ensure more consistency.

Bug Fixes

  • Owners of expired trial accounts are again able to login to purchase or downgrade.
  • Connected Cards > Date view now correctly shows "Latest Planned Finished Date."
  • The home screen toolbar again "floats" and stays on screen as you scroll down, as expected.
  • We fixed an issue so that the Connected Cards > Cards view feature is enabled as expected when changing account editions.
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