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November 11 Release Notes


  • We consolidated Help menu items to comply with feature changes in our support tool.
  • We updated our API documentation with a new "LeanKit API Overview" document, with instructions on how to access documentation for our API v2 as well as v1.
  • We separated the data source for card description from the "Cards" data source to improve performance for Advanced Reporting customers.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now delete users who had cards assigned to them on boards that have already been deleted without getting the "No row with the given identifier exists" error.
  • ...This is also true for disabling users.
  • You can duplicate a board without getting the "Sequence contains more than one matching element" error, even if the original board was created with a template that was designed before the advent of Custom Icons.
  • You can save any board with its cards as a template without getting the error: "Sequence contains more than one matching element."
  • The Flow report no longer gives "Unexpected error" in certain circumstances.
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