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What is Advanced Reporting?

In Advanced and Premium editions of LeanKit, the Advanced Reporting feature provides a way for you to analyze your own LeanKit data.

There are two ways to build your own reports from data across multiple boards: via LeanKit's Advanced Reporting Application Programming Interface (API) using the business intelligence tool of your choice or an Advanced Reporting Site powered by Tableau.

Advanced Reporting API includes:

  • Secure access to LeanKit's most used data sets, refreshed every 24 hours
  • Ability to access data via API endpoints or our in-app URL generator 

Data available via the Advanced Reporting API

  1. Cards
  2. Card Lane History
  3. Current User Assignments
  4. Historical User Assignments
  5. Current Lanes
  6. Custom Fields
  7. Tags

Advanced Reporting Site Includes:

  • Access to nine LeanKit data sources
  • A bundle of pre-published reports
  • The ability to create reports using a single LeanKit data source
  • The ability to create simple reports that span multiple boards
  • Mobile access to reports on-the-go through theTableau Mobile app
  • Ability to publish and distribute reports across the enterprise using Tableau Server's distribution and viewer capabilities

With Advanced Reporting you are also able to custom select what kind of data you would like to show up in your reports, and customers who already use Tableau can integrate with their version of Tableau Desktop to build more advanced reports.

Data available with an Advanced Reporting Site

  1. Boards
  2. Cards
  3. Lanes
  4. Users
  5. Task Cards
  6. Taskboard Lanes
  7. User Assignments
  8. Card Blocked Periods
  9. Card Lane Containment Periods



Data Source

Started - Completed Dashboard

Recently Started Dashboard, Recently Completed Dashboard


Total Cards by Board

Total Cards by Board, Total Cards by Board Details


Problem Report



Creation Trends

Creation Trends, Running Creation Trends

Boards, Cards, Lanes, Task Cards, Users

Average Time to Complete Card Type

Average Time to Complete by Card Type


User WIP

WIP by User

Cards, User Assignments

Blocked Cards by Board

Blocked Cards by Board, Blocked Cards by Board Details







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