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July 21 Release Notes


  • For tighter security, we shortened the time LeanKit will keep you logged in to your account. You can read more here.
  • We sped up the process of navigating from a child card to its parent on the same board by several seconds by eliminating some unnecessary steps that took place in the background. This is especially noticeable on on boards with a large number (>1,000) of cards.
  • We made the data in the Speed report easier to consume and more interactive by deploying a beta version of a revamped Speed report. You can see more data about a card by clicking on its data point in the throughput chart at the top of the report. The current Speed report will continue to also be available for a while.

Bug Fixes

  • We corrected the “finished early” calculation on the PPC report to include the day before planned finish date.
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