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June 2016 Release Notes


  • We removed the blinking animation when a user goes from a child card to its parent card by clicking on the image of that parent card shown inside the child card, which saves time.

Bug fixes

  • Customers who upgrade their account from Lite Edition to a paid edition will now see the correct list of analytics reports.

  • We fixed a mislabeled "growler" notification that pops up from the bottom of the window when a user connected cards.

  • Users no longer get “An error occurred while retrieving the Card completion percent. Error: Card not Found” when deleting multiple cards which have same-board connections.

  • When users navigate via a card connection, delete the connection, then try to create a new card, they no longer get a blank window.

  • The list of parent cards under Quick Edit > Set Parent Card now updates correctly.

  • Users no longer get “There was an error connecting to the data source” when running Distribution report by user.

  • The Leankit distribution report (by priority) card count is now accurate.

  • Pressing enter/return key while in the external card id or user assignment search fields no longer toggles the card's user assignment.

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