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LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to access and view Exceptions.

The Exceptions Report is available to Select Edition and above. An Exceptions Report can help team leaders know when to intervene to keep their team’s work on track. The report also helps teams better identify problems and make room for improvement.

Here you'll learn how to:


Access the Exceptions Report

  • Click the chart icon to reveal the dropdown menu.
  • Select Exceptions from the list to reveal the report for that board.


Your Exceptions Report will look something like this: 


You will see a horizontal bar chart reflecting real-time statistics, displaying the number of cards divided by Priority and Card Status .

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Understand the Exceptions Report


What are Exceptions?

Card Statuses

Note: if a card qualifies as more than one of these exceptions, it will show in each bar that it qualifies for.

Blocked cards are cards that have been marked as blocked 

Stale Cards are cards that haven’t moved or had any activity in the number of days indicated in the Staleness field (4 by default). Cards in the Archive aren't counted as being stale.

Cards under Missed Start are cards that did not move from the backlog onto the main board by their planned start date and have not yet moved to the archive or connected card done lane.

Cards under Missed Finish are cards that have not moved to the archive or connected card done lane by their planned finish date. If the finish date is before today AND the card is not in the archive or connected card done lane it will fall under Missed Finish.

The Blocked, Missed StartMissed Finish and Stale Card counts include cards from all lanes on the board, excluding completed lanes. 

> Avg Cycle Time lists cards that are still in process and have already taken longer than their card type's average cycle time to complete. For example, if green cards historically have taken an average of 7 days to complete, any green cards that have spent more than 7 days on your board (excluding backlog & archive/completed lanes) will be displayed here.


Card Table

The Card Table below the bar graph displays the information found on the graph. It lists the card Priority , the External Card ID , the Card Title , the Card Type, and whether the card falls under the category of BlockedMissed FinishStale, and/or Missed Start.   


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Filter the Exceptions Report  

You can click on specific lines on your report to highlight and filter card details.


You can also click on the individual Priority levels or Card Status types to highlight and filter the details displayed.


Filter by Staleness                 

You can configure card staleness (in days) by typing the number of days in the field.



Filter by Tags 

You can filter by card tags by typing keywords in the Tags field. 



Filter by Lane Class

You can filter by Lane Class by checking the box next to the lane class, or classes, you’d like to include:

  • Not Started includes cards contained in the backlog portion of your board, or the first lane on your board, including its sub-lanes.
  • Started includes cards contained in the in-progress portion of your board.
  • Started and Not Started includes lanes from both of these lane classes.



Filter by Card Type

You can filter by Card Type by selecting one or more card types from the list.



Filter by Custom Icon

If Custom Icons are enabled for your account, you can filter by Custom Icon by selecting one or more Custom Icon from the list.


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Want more?

For more information on the Exceptions report, check out this in-depth video on exceptions

For more information on LeanKit tools that keep your work flowing, visit the Analytics and Metrics page in the LeanKit Knowledge Base .

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