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March 2016 Release Notes


  • Connect to cards on the same board: Break down work on any board while also retaining insight into the bigger, rolled up picture by connecting cards together on the same board.
  • In-app activity updates: Now you can close notifications that appear in the bottom left corner of your browser whenever you want by clicking on the ‘x’ in the notification area. No more waiting to get to the cards that are under the notification window.
  • Filter Users, Leankit for Android and MyLeanKit for iOS: Assigning users to a card is much easier now with the new user search feature. This means less scrolling — especially helpful for times when the board you're on has hundreds of users.


Bug Fixes

  • Ensure mouse scrolling fully functional during the “connect to existing” process
  • Fix connection dates to ensure updating both parent and child planned start/finish
  • Return correct format for ‘DateArchived’ in GetCards API
  • Fix 'ListRecentlyMovedCards' API command 400 error issue
  • Load correct files during custom icon creation process to enable color picker
  • Correct parent card sorting order when card connected to same and other boards
  • Fix quick edit “set parent” to show appropriate enabled/disabled options
  • Increase timeout range to enable snapshots on larger boards
  • Fix task type selection when adding a new card using Quick add (in Firefox)
  • Ensure arrow keys on keyboard scrolls properly (in Firefox)
  • Remove task types from appearing in card type dropdown
  • Correct order in which history is presented inside “History” tab of card
  • Fix new card creation to select default card type
  • Fix leading space and center lane titles during board layout editing
  • Update mobile task card count on card details after pull to refresh
  • Update mobile comment count when new comments are added
  • Updated mobile attachment count when new attachments are added
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