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Creating Cards by email is not working

"When I send an email to our boards, it does not create a ticket."

"Our email system indicates that the messages are being sent, but the items to not make their way to the board."

"I have tried to email cards to my board, but it didn’t work."

"Creating Cards by email is not working."


LeanKit will only create Cards when the email is sent from the same email address as a User in the Account who has the rights to create Cards on that Board.

If you're sending from such an address but it's still not working, please contact LeanKit Support and let us know:

  • the URL of the Board you're trying to send Cards to

  • The email address you're sending from

  • if possible, also attach one of the emails you sent as a .eml file

And we will investigate and follow up with you.

Sometimes emails come to our systems from an email server that’s using a security feature called Bounce Address Tag Validation ("BATV”). This adds a "Simple Private Signature" (prvs) tag tag into the sender email address, eg: "sender": “” Since that doesn't exactly match a user in the account who has rights to create cards on that board, a card is not created.

Contact LeanKit Support and we can confirm if this is the issue affecting you. If it is, you'll need to contact your email admins about disabling BATV for emails to addresses.




Doc ID: 1191983337

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