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January 2016 Release Notes


  • Card Save Enhancement: Now you can save changes to existing cards as you go — without having to close it. Keep the card open as long as you need.
  • Attachment Preview: Quickly view card attachments in the browser and download them as needed. Saves you time and space since you don’t have to download the attachment to be able to view it.
  • Enterprise Account User Admin Enhancement: Customers with a large number of users and boards can now increase transparency across the entire organization and benefit from a quick user interface with Read Only default user access.
  • PPC Chart: Shows how well a team is meeting its scheduling commitments and the trend for the proportion of work completed on schedule vs total work for a series of time periods.
  • Burndown Chart: Allows you to see how much of a planned set of work has been completed as of today, and, what pace you need to set going forward to get all work done on schedule.
  • Offline Board Access, Leankit for Android and MyLeanKit for iOS: Now you can view your boards from anywhere, with any of our apps -- even when you’re offline.

Bug Fixes

  • Return correct format for ‘DateArchived’ in GetCards API command.
  • Allow delegate to existing board list on connections tab to scroll with mouse wheel.
  • Correct Connection tab dates to ensure they are not 1 day off.
  • Fix Connection tab to indicate when a parent has children with Planned Finished dates beyond its own.
  • Ensure task type is selectable when adding a new card in Firefox using Quick ADD dialog.
  • Enable arrow Keys on keyboards to scroll properly in Firefox 42.0.
  • Allow board search that contains non-alphanumeric character.
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