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November 2015 Release Notes


  • Android app with board interaction: Allows Android app users to toggle between a full board view that includes all of the work and a view of just your cards (things you're assigned and subscribed to).
  • Self-service (in-app) edition upgrades: So your account administrators can enhance your LeanKit account feature availability on their own — whenever needed.
  • Multiple Board Connections: Helps you establish and track work connections from a single parent work item, e.g. a project, to children work items spread across multiple boards or teams.
  • Card endpoint performance enhancement: Ensures that Zapier integration users are seeing quicker updates when you make changes that affect your LeanKit cards.
  • User invitation email app store links: Making sure you always have the latest and greatest app store details so new users can take advantage of LeanKit from anywhere.
  • Password validation for SSO: Adding even more security protection for our SSO customers to control access to LeanKit password updates.
  • "My apps and devices" settings hidden: Removing some confusion by hiding this particular account setting for those that don't use it.
  • Card UI and statistics calculation speed enhancements: Targeted performance tuning to improve your user experience while working with card connections.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow users with a “board creator” role to preview board templates.
  • Fix "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute" parent card deletion error.
  • Mass edit in calendar view (via control/command + right click).
  • When shared access settings are turned off for an account, ensure UI to configure default security is consistent at both account admin and board admin levels.
  • Fix card title cross site script to tighten security.
  • Ensure card type delete performs expected and timely auto update.


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