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Enable or Disable a User

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to enable or disable a user. 

Each user in a LeanKit account can be either enabled or disabled. Only enabled users count towards your total number of licenses; only enabled users can access your LeanKit account. Disabling a user can be useful if an employee leaves your organization, since users not marked enabled cannot login or otherwise interact with your LeanKit account. Please note that once a user is disabled card assignments and notifications for that user are removed.

On the home screen of your LeanKit account, click the three gears icon to open the Account Settings 

Click on Account User List. From there, find the user you want to disable in the list. You can search for a user using the search box at the top of the user list. 

Once you've found the user you'd like to disable, you can disable that user by simply clicking on the word Enabled to change it to Disabled. That user will then be disabled. 


Alternatively, you can disable a user from within the user details. Simply click on the pencil and paper icon to the right of the user you'd like to edit. From within the user details, uncheck the box Enabled and click Save User.


This user will no longer be able to sign in to this LeanKit account and will no longer take up a user license.

Note: disabling a user alone does not reduce your licenses or your future billing. Please contact us at to have your licenses reduced and future billing updated to match.




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