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New Editions to Support Your Lean Journey

LeanKit recently introduced new product editions -- Lite, Standard, Select, Advanced and Premium. These new editions take into consideration the diverse needs of teams of different sizes and at different stages of their lean journey.

Quick Summary of Each Edition

If you’re interested in using LeanKit for your own personal use, then Lite Edition is a great way to get started. It gives you two boards and is very lightweight, with fewer features than our other editions. You can collaborate with two other people -- and it’s free.

For small teams getting started with lean and agile, you may want to consider Standard Edition. It supports complex workflow processes, team collaboration and cycle time metrics, giving you more flexibility to manage your work.

As your lean and agile initiative expands across multiple teams and projects, then Select Edition is for you.  Lean reports and metrics, advanced Kanban capabilities, multi-level visibility, and work item breakdown are just a few of the capabilities that will help you scale successfully.

Our Advanced Edition is for enterprises that have custom reporting needs and want to scale lean practices across the entire organization.  It also includes enhanced security options, account services and onboarding training. Organizations that require advanced security -- such as  private cloud and SSO support -- should consider our Premium Edition.

These new editions take your team’s size, needs and budget into consideration with the option to easily grow over time as your lean and agile initiative grows.

How Does This Impact Existing LeanKit Customers?

If you’re already a LeanKit customer, you can keep using your current product edition. Please note that new features will only be added to the new editions. When the time is right for you, we encourage you to consider transitioning to one of the new plans to ensure that you continue to get the most value out of LeanKit.

Note that if you currently use Portfolio Edition, our new Select Edition is the same price and includes the same functionality -- let us know at if you want to make the switch.

You can find out more about LeanKit’s new editions here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at to discuss how our new editions support your current and future needs.

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