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LeanKit System Temporarily Unavailable [RESOLVED]

We apologize, LeanKit is unavailable at this time due to a failure of network equipment on our hosting providers network. This issue is affecting many of their customers. We are confident the issue will be resolved quickly.
The LeanKit Team
11:55 AM UPDATE:
The issue is resolved and LeanKit is available.
12:10 UPDATE
While accessibility has been partially restored, we are still experiencing some issues related to the failure at our hosting provider as the systems come back up.

We are confident the issue will be resolved shortly.



13:10 UPDATE

Our hosting provider is still resolving the issue. We continue to see intermittent availability.




13:55 UPDATE

At this time LeanKit service has been restored. Our hosting provider continues to troubleshoot the issue, but you may still see intermittent error messages. Thanks again for your patience.

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