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LeanKit Integration Service [NO LONGER SUPPORTED] - Download

Please note that this Integration Service is no longer supported by LeanKit and no further updates will be made.

Users can download the latest source code from Github, and even make changes, but no further updates will be made by LeanKit, and no support will be provided. The GitHub repository can be found at

Instead of the Integration Service, customers can now integrate LeanKit with a broad range of enterprise applications via our integrations hub, powered by Tasktop. This enables customers to manage all of their integrations in a single place and provides fully automated, bi-directional synchronization with existing systems.

You can learn more about LeanKit Integrations, powered by Tasktop here.



  1. Download and extract latest version of the LeanKit Integration Service into a separate folder.
  2. Make a backup of the following files, for safe keeping: config-live.json, config-edit.json, and IntegrationService.exe.config.
  3. Stop the existing Integration Service, if it is running.
  4. Copy and overwrite all the files from the latest LeanKit Integration Service.
  5. Restart the LeanKit Integration Service.

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