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Set User Board Access

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to set user board access. 


Administering Board Security

In LeanKit's Select edition or higher, users can be assigned permissions to perform actions on a board based on the role that they are assigned for that board.

Note: The following instructions demonstrate how existing "Enabled" users are assigned to access to a board. Click here for more information.

From within a board, click the gear icon in the top bar and then click Board Settings. In the Board Settings window, click the User Access tab. This provides a listing of all the users in the account and the roles that they currently hold on that board. 



Here you see a paged list of all available users, with their Names, Roles, and Work In Progress (WIP) limits.


Specifying a User’s Role

Users can be assigned the following roles:

No Access - may not view or perform any operations associated with the board.

Reader -may view information on the board and create cards via email and Quick Create, but they may not update or modify any of the information and may not edit or move cards. Readers are able to subscribe to board, lane and card events.

User - may view the board, create, edit, and move cards, but they may not perform management or administrative operations on the board, such as changing the board layout or WIP limits.

Manager - in addition to the rights of a board “User”, managers may perform management operations such as changing the board layout and WIP Limits.

Administrator - has permissions to perform all activities associated to the board. This includes board configuration editing, user administration for the board, as well as typical user activities.


Role/Permission Matrix

The following table outlines the operations that each role can perform: 




Specifying an Individual User's WIP Limit

Administrators may also set a user’s Work In Process (WIP) limit from this screen. By setting a user’s WIP limit, you can limit the number of cards (or size of work) assigned to that user at any one time. If a user tries to exceed this limit, they must provide a reason to override the limit. To assign the WIP limit for a user, enter a numeric value into the WIP column for that user. Specifying zero (the default) will set that user's limit to unlimited.

For more information on specifying an individual user’s WIP Limit, see “Setting Work-In-Process (WIP) Limits.”


Editing Roles and WIP Limits

Editing a Single User's Role and WIP Limit

Administrators can make changes to a single user’s role or WIP limit by selecting the desired user(s) and click the Edit Selected button at the bottom.


The User Role editor will be presented and allow you to modify the user's role and WIP limit for this board.  


Making the desired changes and clicking Save will apply the changes and return you to the User Access list.


Editing Multiple Users' Roles and WIP Limits 

Administrators can edit multiple users’ Roles or WIP limits by checking the boxes next to the names of the desired Users and clicking Edit Selected.


The User Role editor will be presented in multi-user mode and allow you to modify the users' roles and WIP limits for this board.  The selected role and WIP Limit will be applied to all the selected users.  


Making the desired changes and clicking Save will apply the changes and return you to the User Access list.


Sorting, Filtering, and Searching


You may wish to sort the listing of users by their different attributes.  The User Access tab allows you to sort by the following attributes of the user: Name (A-Z or Z-A), Role (A-Z or Z-A), or WIP (Smallest-Largest or Largest-Smallest)




You may also want to view the list of user by their assigned roles. Using Filters, you can limit the users listed to one or many assigned roles.  After opening the Filters menu, you can select or deselect a particular role to show or hide the users that have assigned to those roles. The Show All and Hide All will select and deselect all the roles respectively.  




If you know the specific user that you wish to modify, you may also use the Search field to hide the users that do not match the specified criteria.  To use this capability, start typing the user's name or email address into the Search field.  As you type, the list of users will be narrowed based on them matching the value that you have specified.  The search looks within the user's full name and email address for any sequence of characters that match the criteria.


Note: If you cannot find a user that you expect to be listed, check with one of your organization's administrators to ensure that user is "Enabled" for the organization.

You can find out more on users by visiting the Account Administration section in the LeanKit knowledge base.




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