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Some cards are dimmed or invisible on the board, but I can see them in Board Layout Editor.

Help! My new cards are faint. I added new Card Types, but when I create new Cards of those types, they appear “faded out” on the Board, with the text on the card barely visible.

We have some cards on a board. We can see these cards in the Board Layout Editor, but not in the normal board workflow view. They're invisible in the workflow view, which means we can not access them or move them to a new board.

It sounds like you have a board filter on, and your filter is excluding your missing cards.

You can fix this by turning off the filter: Click the filter icon in the upper right of your board to open the filter panel, then click Off. Turning off the filter should make all cards on the Board visible, and none faded.


You can read more about filtering Cards on the Board here.





Doc ID: 1191983827

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