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LeanKit Video Library: Getting Started Collection

Leankit videos to help you get started using your LeanKit account. 

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LeanKit in 60 Seconds

Only have a minute to spare? Take a 60 second tour of LeanKit. 


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Visualizing Your Work with LeanKit

Learn everything you need to know to get started visualizing your work with LeanKit in this twenty-minute webinar.

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Interacting with LeanKit

Learn the basics of how to utilize various features available through LeanKit and become a power user in this twenty-minute webinar.

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Create Your First Board

Get started by creating a new board. 

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Modify Your Board Layout

Learn how to use LeanKit's flexible board editor to map your workflow so that it reflects the steps in your process.

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Edit Your Board Settings

Learn how to edit your board settings to customize policies, manage Card Types and Custom Icons, specify Card Headers, and more. 

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Create New Cards

Learn how to create a card via Quick Create, Context Menu, or email.

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Edit Card Information

Learn how to edit your card information to further understand the work items represented by a card.

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Create or Add a User

Learn how to create a user manually, or send an invitation to a prospective user via email.

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More Video Learning 

For more video learning, check out the full LeanKit Video Library for quick, easy‑to‑follow videos that will help you become a LeanKit power user or In Depth with LeanKit: Education Videos for longer, more in-depth video learning. 

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