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Lesson 7: Managing Your Work

In LeanKit, teams use cards to represent work items on the board. This ensures that anyone looking at the board can instantly see what’s being worked on and the latest status. Cards can be easily moved across the board using drag and drop to reflect the current status of each work item.


Adding Cards to Your Board

There are many different ways to add cards in LeanKit. Here are a couple of ways to try:

  • Right click over the lane that reflects that status of the card you want to add and then select Create Card from the menu.
  • To quickly add multiple cards, use the Create a Card icon in the main navigation bar.
  • To learn more ways to add cards, click here.


Managing Work Item Information

For each card, you can capture information about the work using Title and Description fields.


LeanKit's customizable cards let you easily communicate important information:

  • Card Type: Selecting a card type makes it easier to categorize work and identify by color.
  • Card Size: Quantify the associated amount of effort. Learn more.
  • Tags: Use to categorize work. Learn more
  • Planned start and finish dates: Click a date on the calendar.
  • Priority: Identify the priority of work on your Kanban board (Low, Normal, High, or Critical).
  • Blocked: Communicate if a particular piece of work is currently blocked or impeded (not making progress).
  • Custom Icons (labeled “Class of Service” by default): Assign Custom Icons to your work items.
  • Lane: This defines which lane the card is placed in. Changing this value will move the card to the designated lane.
  • Parent Card: This field is used to establish parent-child Connections between cards.
  • Links: Add a link title to an external system or URL for the Card


Card Reference Guide

This reference guide shows all of the information you can communicate on the face of a card:


Additional Card Capabilities

LeanKit provides the following capabilities within each card to help you manage the details related to your work.

You also can access many of these card actions by right-clicking on the face of the card.


Try adding a few cards to your board -- set a card type, assign a user, and move it between lanes.

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