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Lesson 3: Creating Your First Board

How to Get Started with Your First Board

With LeanKit, you can visualize any process and manage any type of work -- the hardest part is figuring out what you want your board layout to look like.

Take a moment to consider how you want to use your first board:

  • What project or process are you going to manage on the board?
  • What are the steps that work needs to move through to be completed?
  • Who else is involved in the work?  

When creating a board in LeanKit, start with a layout that feels “close enough.” There’s no single right way to design your board, and it doesn’t need to be perfect. You can make changes anytime as you go.

Account Administrators and users that have been given board creator rights are able to create new boards in LeanKit. To create a new board in LeanKit you can either start with the Default Template or choose from a selection of pre-built board templates.

If you already have a clearly defined process and know the steps your team follows to get work done, use the Default Template and modify it to reflect your workflow process. If you’re not sure what your team’s process looks like, check out LeanKit’s template library and find one that’s the closest fit.

Note: During your trial you can create as many boards as you like to experiment with different board layouts.

Creating a New Board with the Default Template

From the New Board drop down menu select Default Template. Give your board a title and description, and then click Save.

To learn how to customize your board to reflect your process, watch this video:


For detailed guidance on how to use the Board Layout Editor click here.

Creating a Board from a Template

To access LeanKit’s board template library, click Templates in the top navigation bar.

To see a larger preview of each template, right click the template image or hover over the white arrow. This also gives you the option to create a board from a template.

Top 10 Board Templates

Here’s a look at our top 10 most commonly used templates to help you decide which one is a close fit for your team to get started with.

1. IT Software Development: Scrum Team Applying Kanban

2. Portfolio Management: Project Board Template

3. Portfolio Management: Portfolio Template

4. IT Operations: Business Process Maintenance

5. IT Software Development: Fully Horizontal Design

6. IT Software Development: Complex Release per Feature Development Team

7. Sales and Marketing: Sales Pipeline

8. IT Operations: System Administration

9. Business Strategy: Strategy Canvas Example

10. SAFe Portfolio Kanban

If any of these layouts feel like a good fit for the way your team works, you can create a board from within the template library. Just click the drop down menu on the board template and click Create Board

Give your new board a title and description, then click Save. Your new board can be found by clicking on the Boards tab on the Home screen.

Again, you can customize the layout of any boards you create -- anytime. For more detailed guidance on how to use the Board Layout Editor click here.

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