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Move multiple cards

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to move multiple cards at a time. 

In LeanKit, cards usually represent pieces of work flowing through a process, with  lanes representing the sequential steps in that process. The work may be parts in a factory, software features and defects, construction activities, or any other type of deliverable. 

As the piece of work which the card represents is pulled from one stage of the process to the next, the card is moved from lane-to-lane on the board.

There are several ways to move multiple cards in LeanKit. To learn how to move a single card go here.

Move all cards in a lane

To move all the cards in one lane to another lane, you can left or right-click within the lane header or right-click on any empty space in the lane, select the Move to > Lane menu item, then navigate down to find your desired lane.

Multi-select and move cards

To move multiple cards, you can also hold down the CTRL key (Windows) or CMD key (Mac), click on the cards you wish to move, then right click on any of the selected cards, select the Move to > Lane menu item, then navigate down to find your desired lane.




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