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File Attachments


To help collaborate with your team, LeanKit allows you to attach files to Cards. The ability/permission to manipulate card attachments depend on a user's role on the board (defined in Board Settings > User Access):

  • Users that have 'Reader' permissions to that board can only download/view file attachments (not upload or manage).
  • Users with the 'User' role or above (Manager/Admin.) can manage, upload, download/view file attachments.

Accessing the File Attachments

To view, modify, or add a file attachment, click the card and select the Attachments tab. A list of any file attachments will be displayed, along with the name of the user who uploaded each, and the date and time each was uploaded.

Downloading an Attached File

To download and view the attached files, click on the download icon to the right of the file name.

Most browsers will prompt the user as to the action required (Save or View).

Adding an Attached File

To add a file attachment:

  • Click browse and choose file.
  • Use the file selection dialog to navigate and select the file that you wish to attach.
  • Back on the Attachments tab, enter a description under Add a File Description.
  • Click the Save Attachment button to upload and store the attachment and associated description.

The attachment will then be displayed in the list of attachments.

You can also "drag & drop" attachments right on to the Attachments tab.

Modifying an Attached File

To modify an existing file attachment, click on the edit icon (the pencil and paper) next to its filename. 

This will pull up this attachment’s details into the fields at the top of the window where you can modify the description or remove the current file and attach a different one.

Deleting an Attached File

To delete an existing file attachment, click on the delete icon (trash can) next to its filename and confirm that you wish to delete the attachment.

Note: Deleting the attachment will permanently remove the file from your board's storage (not your computer if you have previously downloaded it). The file cannot be recovered after deletion.

Storage Limits

There is a maximum file upload size as well as total storage capacity for your account (not board) depending on your edition of LeanKit. Please see our Compare Editions page for additional information.

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