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View Board History

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to access and understand board history. 

Board History provides a way to view a log of all of the card events that have occurred on the board, including card creation, taskboard creation, card movement, card deletion, WIP limit overrides, etc... You can also export the history for further analysis outside of LeanKit.

To view a board’s history:

  • Open the desired board.
  • Click the chart icon in the upper right of the board.
  • Click Activity Stream in the menu that appears.

This opens an Activity Stream of actions taken on this board, displayed in reverse chronological order, like a blog.

Tip: Clicking on an entry will open up that individual card’s history


Filtering the Activity Stream


At the top of the Activity Stream, you can filter what events are visible in the board history by the date of the events or the users who took an action on the board.

Note: This filter only applies to the activity stream view, not the history export file.


Exporting History:


Users can export the full history for a board by clicking the Export Board History button, located at the bottom of the activity stream window. This exports a Comma Separated (.csv) file containing history of the board. See “Exporting Board History” for more details.





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