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Creating, Editing and Deleting Board Templates

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to create, edit, and delete board templates. 

LeanKit provides board template capabilities that enable you to: 

  • Create new boards using a library of ready-made templates.
  • Create new boards using the standard Template Library as well as create their own Templates for use within their organization’s account.
  • Import/export templates. Exported templates can be imported into other LeanKit accounts as a way of sharing best practices. For more information, see “Importing and Exporting Templates.”


Creating a Board from a Template


To create a new board using a Template from the Template Library, follow the instructions here.


Creating a Template


To create a Board Template, start by clicking on the LeanKit icon and then select Home. Please note: If you are not an administrator within your organization’s LeanKit account you cannot create or delete templates. 


From the Home Screen, select Templates>New Template>New Template. Select Save as Template to create a Template from that board’s configuration.



Give the new Template a name and description. You must select an existing board to serve as the structure of the template. If you want to include cards, in addition to the structure, as part of your template, check the appropriate box. You'll be able to decide on a case-by-case basis when you reuse the template whether you want to include those cards. Click Save.


Deleting a Template


User-created templates can be deleted from the Templates screen. Access it as described above via the LeanKit icon. Then select Templates.

Right-click the template you wish to delete:

Select Delete to delete the template. 

You’ll be asked to confirm before the Template is deleted permanently

Note: Removing a template that was used to create a board will have no effect on that board.


Editing a Template


You may find that you need to make changes to a Template which you previously created — new lanes, new name, new cards, etc. Or, you may decide to tweak one of the templates from the original library to create the right solution for your organization.

To edit a Template, first create a new board from the template you want to modify, then make the edits to the new board as desired. Finally, save the edited board as a new Template. If the previous Template is one you created and you no longer need, you can delete it.




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