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Importing / Exporting Board Templates

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to import and export board templates. 

When working with board templates, you can export board templates to a file, and import them from a file. Within your own account, you can edit and copy templates without the need to export and import. The import/export functionality comes in handy when you want to transfer templates between accounts.

Also, if you're a consultant that has some predefined templates you'd like to share with your clients, exporting those and then importing them into client accounts can be a way to distribute your templates. Finally, LeanKit users with separate accounts may wish to share templates with each other, and could easily email the exported template file to one another.

To access board templates for your account, click the Templates button at the top of the Home Screen.

Exporting Templates

Right-click on the desired template and select Export to File.  Then select a location to save the file.


NOTE: You won’t be able to export any of the standard templates that came with LeanKit, only templates that you or someone in your account created.

The exported file will look something like this:


It's semi human readable, if you understand JSON. While technically editable, you'd be safer updating your templates in LeanKit, and re-exporting it.

Importing Templates

To create a new template based on an imported file, click New Template at the top of the home screen and select Import from a File.

Specify the name, description, and file location of the template to be imported. Click the "Include cards when creating template" option, if so desired. Finally, click "Choose File" and select the file to be uploaded.


After clicking Save, you'll return to the list of templates. Your new template will be at the bottom of the list.




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