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Board Templates

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to find and use board templates. 

Rather than start from scratch each time you need to set up and configure a new board in LeanKit, you can base new boards on board templates.

When you create a new board starting from a template, the configuration of lanes, card types, class of service (if applicable), card ID settings, etc are all ready to go. You can use them as they are, or use the template as a starting point from which to customize your board.

LeanKit provides a standard set of board templates. These templates are categorized based on industry to make it easier to discover templates that are applicable to your needs.

Teams will most likely want to start with the process flow defined by the template and adapt it to the specific needs of the team or organization.


Creating a Board using a Board Template


The Template library is available when creating a new Board by clicking New Board > Other Template at the top of the main screen.

You’ll then be able to browse through the Template Library and choose a template from which to create your new board. Simply scroll through the library to discover various categories and select a board template that suits you or your team’s needs.

Remember: Not all user accounts have the permission to create new boards


Browsing the Template Library


You can also browse the template Library by clicking Templates at the top of the home screen.

This will show all the templates available.  If your account allows, you can create a new board based on a template directly from this view by simply clicking on the template. You can also click on the dropdown arrow on the face of the template to create a board from that template or preview the template.




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