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Edit Your Board Layout

LeanKit lets you define and evolve your workflow process without restricting the way you work. Use the flexible Board Layout Editor to mirror the steps your team follows to get work done. Use vertical lanes to visualize each step in your flow and horizontal swimlanes to represent parallel processes on the same board. As your process changes, you can easily modify your board as you go.

Configuring the Board Layout

Each board can quickly be edited or customized with only a few clicks. To do this, navigate to the board that you would like to customize, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the board, and select Board Layout Editor.

This will open the Board Layout Editor. From here, you can easily add, split (vertically or horizontally), move, resize, retitle, copy, and delete lanes. In addition, you can configure a lane’s settings or Work-In-Process (WIP) limits.

To add a new lane or lanes, simply click ‘+ Add a Lane’ located on the left side of the board.

See the below images for details of how to configure the board layout:

Move Lane Arrows

By default, new lanes are placed on the left-hand side of your board. To rearrange your lanes, click the left and right (or up and down) arrows on the upper left-hand side of the lane to reposition the lane.


Un-Split Lane

If you wish to remove all child Lanes from a Parent Lane, you can click the Un-Split icon located in the parent Lane's header.  This action will remove all child Lanes and will transfer any existing Cards into the Parent Lane.


Delete a Lane

If you wish to remove of a lane from your process, you may do so by clicking the delete icon located within the lane that you wish to delete.  The delete action can be performed on both parent and child lanes.  Deleting a parent lane will delete all of its child lanes. This operation will not be allowed if there are cards contained within the lane you wish to delete.  You must first move these cards before deleting the lane. Cards cannot be moved in editing mode, and must be moved in workflow view.


Add New Sublane

After splitting a parent lane either horizontally or vertically, you may wish to add more child lanes within that split parent lane. Once a parent lane is split, a new plus icon will be displayed in the parent lane. Clicking this icon will add a new child lane to the parent. If the parent lane was split vertically, the new child lane will be added to the right of the current children. If the parent lane was split vertically, the child lane will be added to the bottom of the existing children.


Increase/Decrease Lane Width

By default, new lanes will be one card wide.  You can expand or contract the width of a lane clicking the right and left resize icons.  If the lane that is being resized has child lanes, the child lanes will be resized to fit the new parent lane's width.

Clone a Lane

When creating horizontal swimlanes on the LeanKit board, you often run across the need to create another copy of an existing horizontal lane. You are able to do so by clicking on the clone a lane icon below the lane’s title.  

Lane WIP Limit

You can set limits on the number of cards (or total of card sizes) allowed in a lane. To do this, enter a number in the Limit field. If a lane exceeds this limit, the user is notified that they have exceeded the limit for this lane, and they must provide a reason why they exceeded this limit. The default WIP limit is 0, meaning that there is no limit to the number of cards (or total of Card Sizes) that can be placed in that lane.


Lane Title

The title of the lane.


Note: Lanes in LeanKit have a fixed width, so sometimes a lane title can be longer than what will fit in the lane header. In such cases, you'll see the lane title shrink and you'll notice the tooltip displayed above if you hover over the lane title with your mouse pointer. To prevent the font from shrinking, either make the lane wider to accommodate the text, or shorten the text so that it fits within the width of the lane.

Lane Settings Dialogue

You can configure the properties of each lane by clicking on the lane settings gear.  This will open up the Lane Settings window.


Here you can change Lane Settings that help in generating useful analytics:

  • Specify Lane Type: Select whether this lane represents work that is ''Ready'' to work on but not yet started, work that is ''In Process'', or work that is''Completed''. Setting the type for a parent Lane will cascade that setting to the child Lanes unless overridden by the child Lane.
  • Provide a Policy/Description: Provide the team members with an explicit policy or description of the Lane.  This allows teams to quantify their policies and prevents lost information.
  • Specify the Default Drop Lane: Designating a lane as the default drop lane will cause all cards created in an arbitrary lane to appear here.
  • Specify the Connected Card Done Lane: In addition to the Archive, you may specify a Connected Card Done Lane. When child cards are moved into this lane they will report a status of “done” to their parent cards.

Note: Be sure to save changes to your board by clicking save in the upper right-hand corner of your board when you are finished.

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