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LeanKit's In-App Knowledge Center

LeanKit now gives you access to new feature announcements and educational content directly from your LeanKit account!

LeanKit’s new Knowledge Center allows you to take a look at new feature updates, access help guides, go through interactive walkthroughs, and find help articles directly from LeanKit. To access the Knowledge Center, click the LeanKit icon in the lower, right-hand corner of the LeanKit application, whether you’re on your home screen or inside one of your boards!


If there is new information, such as feature announcements, there will be a small number overtop the icon to indicate the number of unread items.


Clicking the icon will bring up the Knowledge Center menu.


From the Knowledge Center, you can access:

  • Help Guides, including interactive training, articles, and videos


  • What’s New, including feature announcements and weekly release notes


  • How-To Walkthroughs, including in-app, step-by-step walkthroughs of product features.


Once a walkthrough is completed, a checkmark will appear next to that walkthrough.


Check out the Knowledge Center for yourself to learn all about the features available via your LeanKit board and quickly become a LeanKit power user.

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