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August 25, 2017 Release Notes


  • We removed the Delete Board option from the context menu of board options to prevent accidental deletion of boards. Now, before you can completely delete a board, you archive it first. Take a look. 
  • We updated the logo link on the login page from to
  • We introduced the ability to multi-select tasks within a card and move them from one lane to another on a task board. Check it out! 
  • We added SSO enhancements to include the following options for AuthN Contexts: "SecondFactorOTPSMS" and "None" and allowed for custom Comparison types of "exact," "maximum," "better" or "minimum."


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed the icon to move cards out of the archive from the archive search. 
  • We resolved an issue that caused the connections child-card search to retain unrelated, prior search results. 
  • We fixed an issue that caused child cards in the connections tab to display as late prematurely. 
  • We solved a problem with relative finish date that caused the filter not to pick up cards that were past planned start or past planned finish. 
  • We sorted out a defect that cause blocking or unblocking a card to revert any previously unsaved changes. 
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