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August 18, 2017 Release Notes


  • We added an "X" to close out the updated filter tab! Have a look here.
  • In-app reports now link back to knowledge base documentation, so you can learn more about reporting features. Check it out! 


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with the multi-select context menu that caused multi-selected cards to be deselected if you didn't click directly on the face of the card. 
  • We resolved a problem that caused a max character count warning to appear in card description and comment text.
  • We sorted out a bug that caused context menus not to display the option to remove custom icons. 
  • We solved a link navigation issue with calendar integration links that caused the Board and Assigned User URLs to be flipped. 
  • We changed the iCal calendar integrations links from "https" to "webcal" to make integrating with your chosen calendar service simpler.
  • We ensured that IE11 browser scale would no longer affect the RSS/Calendar dialogue.  
  • We fixed a problem that caused card headers to be missing from some cards. 
  • We made it easier for all user roles to find the Export Board History option. 
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