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Advanced Reporting API: Tasks

GET /io/reporting/export/tasks

Returns all the current task cards the authorized user has access to.

Resource URL

GET https://{accountname}

Resource information

Requires auth token? Yes
Response formats CSV, TAB, or JSON


Name Required Description
token Yes A valid token obtained from the POST /io/reporting/auth API end point.
boardId No Optional Board ID filter. If a boardId is specified, the API will return data filtered to the given Board. Value: Any valid Board ID. Default: 0. If no boardId is specified, the API will return data for all boards the current user has access to.
format No Values: csv, tab, json
Default: csv
header No Values: true, false, 1, 0
When header=true the first row returned is the list of field names. Only applies when format is csv or tab.
Default: true
quotedString No Values: true, false, 1, 0
When quotedString=true all strings are surrounded by quotes. Only applies when format is csv or tab.
Note: if quotedString=false and a value contains the delimiter (comma), quotes will be added around the field value.
Default: true
quoted No Values: true, false, 1, 0
When quoted=true all values are surrounded by quotes, except for empty/missing values. Only applies when format is csv or tab.
Default: false
quotedEmpty No Values: true, false, 1, 0
When quotedEmpty=true all empty/missing values are represented as empty quotes ("").
Default: false
limit No Value: any postive number
Default: 1000000 when format is csv or tab, 100 when format is json
offset No Value: any postive number
Default: 0

Example request



Column Description
Task ID  
Containing Card ID  
External Task ID  
Task Title  
Containing Card Title  
Task Type  
Task Size  
Custom Icon  
Is Task Blocked  
Current Blocked Reason  
Task External Link Name  
Task External Link Url  
Creation Date  
Planned Start Date  
Actual Start Date  
Planned Finish Date  
Actual Finish Date  
Attachments Count  
Last Attachment Date  
Comments Count  
Last Comment Date  
Last Activity Date  
Archived Date  
Last Moved Date  
Current Taskboard Lane ID  
Current Taskboard Lane Title  
Current Taskboard Lane Type  

Example response

"Task ID","Containing Card ID","External Task ID","Task Title","Containing Card Title","Task Type","Task Size","Priority","Custom Icon","Is Task Blocked","Current Blocked Reason","Task External Link Name","Task External Link Url","Creation Date","Planned Start Date","Actual Start Date","Planned Finish Date","Actual Finish Date","Attachments Count","Last Attachment Date","Comments Count","Last Comment Date","Last Activity Date","Archived Date","Last Moved Date","Current Taskboard Lane ID","Current Taskboard Lane Title","Current Taskboard Lane Type"
"303744337","302308657",,"Gather data for report","Current Project Report","Task",0,"Normal",,,,,,2017-05-01 02:15:33 PM,,2017-05-01 03:48:17 PM,,2017-05-03 06:48:17 PM,0,,0,,2017-05-01 05:28:14 PM,2017-05-01 06:48:17 PM,2017-05-01 10:22:14 PM,"304319592","Done","Completed"
"303744774","302308657",,"Add styles and logo to document","Current Project Report","Task",0,"Low",,,,,,2017-05-01 02:40:53 PM,,2017-05-01 04:36:13 PM,,2017-05-03 09:36:15 PM,0,,0,,2017-05-01 09:39:57 PM,,2017-05-01 09:36:13 PM,"304365118","ToDo","Ready"
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