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Details about LeanKit's latest changes

A list of changes and improvements you'll be seeing in LeanKit.

Over the past few months we’ve been rebuilding our technology framework to provide a faster and more responsive experience at scale. LeanKit’s new, faster experience comes with all sorts of exciting improvements! For example, boards and cards now load at least twice as fast as before. These improvements are most noticeable when opening boards with a large number of cards.

In addition, we’ve also made a number of UI improvements to streamline workflows and provide a better experience. We're continuously releasing updates and improvements to the preview and welcome your feedback. Please share your thoughts using the "Give Feedback" button located at the bottom of any board. Learn more about what to expect:


Changes you’ll notice when viewing a LeanKit Board:


Dramatically Faster Board Loading

  • Boards load at least twice as fast as before, and up to ten times faster, depending on the size of your board and your organization!
  • The speed improvement is most noticeable when opening boards with a large number of cards.

New, Decluttered Icons

  • The icons in the tool bar are arranged for more clarity.
  • The Activity Stream is more accessible with its own icon.

Enhanced Filters

  • The User filter now only shows users who are currently assigned to cards on the board.
  • Visual colors and icons associated with Card Type, Priority, and Custom Icon are displayed on the filter panel.
  • More than one filter panel can be open at one time, making it easier to apply multiple filter criteria to further refine your view.
  • A new date-range filter has been added, making it easier to manage date-driven work.
  • Filter by card description has been replaced with a link to card search, making it easier to find a card that contains specific information or keywords.

Efficient Card Creation

  • "Add a card" is now "Create a Card."
  • In the context menu, the “Copy” option has been changed to “Duplicate,” when creating duplicate cards.
  • The colors of each card type show in the drop-down selector, making it easier to pick the desired one.
  • From the Create a Card window, you can now either click to save the card, click to open it and edit the new card's details, or use 'Shift + Enter' to save the new card and quickly keep adding more.

Simplified, More Accessible Activity Stream

  • A dedicated icon for the Activity Stream is now on the main toolbar, making it easier to find.
  • The filter option is now removed from the Activity Stream, so that you can see more board activities more easily.
  • “Download Board History” is now located in the board settings menu.

Streamlined Archive Lane

  • Searching for cards that have been in the archive for more than 14 days is easier.
  • The cabinet card is replaced with a new icon in the archive lane header.
  • Clicking the new archive icon lets you know how many cards are in the archive and provides guidance on how to search for archived cards.

More Efficient Context Menu

  • The lane and card context menus are now more distinct and clear.
  • The lane context menu has been simplified. Mass card editing functions (i.e. assign to, mass edit, and move to) have been removed from the lane context menu.
  • The new "Select All" function in the lane context menu makes it easier to complete an action for all cards in the lane (assign, subscribe, edit, move or delete).
  • Hold the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) while selecting cards and using the new “Select All” option to quickly build a multi-card selection.

Search for and Open Cards Without Getting Lost

  • When searching for a card and navigating to it, the card now automatically opens on a new browser tab so you can keep your place on your current board while also being taken directly to the card you were looking for.
  • More Findable Board History Export Function
  • Board History export is now in the Board Settings menu.


Board Elements that have been Retired


Calendar View

  • Check out this blog post for alternative ways to manage date-driven work.

Quick Reference Board Guide

  • Instead of the old quick reference, we've included a lot more contextual visualization throughout the board and a link to a helpful knowledge base article to help orient new users.

Board Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Certain keyboard shortcuts, known as Hot Keys, are no longer available.

"Growler" Notifications

  • These will be replaced with new, simpler Board Update Notification design in the future. To view the latest updates to your board, click on the new Activity Stream icon in the toolbar.


Changes you’ll notice when viewing a LeanKit Card


Faster Card Rendering

  • Cards now load at least 2x faster
  • The speed improvement is most noticeable when opening boards with a large number of cards.

Responsive Card View

  • Open cards now have a responsive layout, adapting to the size of the browser window, which also makes them easier to view when accessing LeanKit from a mobile browser.

More Card Description Formatting Options

  • Text in the card descriptions now have more formatting flexibility, including the ability to create nested bullet lists.
  • Card description can be expanded to a full screen view for better visibility.

Easier Selections in Card Details

  • Predictive suggestions automatically populate when typing in drop-down fields in card details (card type, tags, priority, custom icon, lane and parent card), helping select the desired option more quickly.
  • Dropdown fields also contain images for better visualization and quicker comprehension.

Comments Easier to Navigate

  • Card comment threads are easier to read, with a larger, scrollable area. This is especially useful when there are many comments to scroll through.

Easier Attachments

  • Files can be dropped directly on the Attachments tab in the card details..
  • Attachments are also easier to preview .


  • The button to create a new task card now reads "Create Task" for better clarity.
  • Task context menu options have been simplified and clarified.
  • "Move to Parent Board" is now "Convert to Card."

Card History

  • Improved styling helps quickly see the history of changes to a card.

Card Context Menu

  • Simplified context menus for more ease of use:
  • Added visual indicators for Card Type, Custom Icon and Priority under the "Edit" sub-menu.
  • Removed Connections functionality from context menus (available within the Connections tab of the card).
  • Removed External link from context menus (available within the card details).
  • Removed ability to Block or Unblock from context menus (available within the card details).
  • "Copy" is now "Duplicate" in the card context menus.
  • "Quick Edit" is now "Edit” in the card context menus.

Card URL

  • A card's URL now clearly displays in the browser, making it easier to copy a card's URL.
  • A card’s URL remains the same, even if the card is moved to a different board.


Card Elements that have been Retired


Subscribe to Card checkbox

  • Available in the context menu

Task Filtering & Subscribing

  • The ability to filter tasks and subscribe to a task board have been removed.
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