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Release Note Digest, 2017 Q1

Bug Fixes & Improvements


Account Admin

We are constantly working to make it easy for you to manage your LeanKit account and your users, and we made several awesome changes and improvements concerning Account Administrators over Q1 that reflect just that!

  • We fixed a confusing error message that resulted from cancelling an account, and we made it so that account owners can now successfully save a change to their organization name without running into issues.
  • You’ll be more informed on scheduled maintenance now due to our updates to the “Planned Maintenance” page that appears when the system is unavailable and more informed on unplanned outages due to our updates to the “System Unavailable” page.



Everything we do is for our users! That’s why we are continuously improving our app to make it better, faster, and easier for you to use. With that in mind, we made a lot of things better for our users in Q1.

  • We fixed the clickable link to your leankit account that displays when searching for your account based on email address.
  • We improved username allowances so that users who include umlauts (e.g. ä, ü) in their username and are set up to use Single Sign-On (“SSO”) can now log in successfully without getting an “invalid credentials” error.
  • We made it so that the “Invite People to Your Account” window is no longer hidden when viewing the templates section of the home screen.



Sometimes less is more, and this first quarter, while we continued to optimize your experience in the LeanKit app, there wasn’t a need for many big changes or updates to our boards. We did fix a couple issues occurring in boards in Q1:

  • We fixed an issue that caused lane width changes in nested lanes to lead to a gap between lanes
  • We fixed an issue that caused board template previews to time out. 



This first quarter we kept to the less-is-more philosophy with our card updates. While we are always continuously improving the LeanKit app, there wasn’t a need for many big changes or updates to our cards in Q1.

  • In Q1, we updated attachment size restrictions in Select Edition accounts so that users in Select Edition accounts can now successfully upload card attachments up to 75MB in size.
  • We fixed an issue with searching for existing cards in the connections tab so that it no longer leads to an error message.



We had lots of cool improvements and fixes for our Analytics reports in Q1!

  • We improved the start and end date parameters in in-app reports that have a date range so that they now correctly convert to and from UTC time when filtering.
  • We made it so that deleting a parent card while a child card is open, then saving edits to the child card no longer causes the child card to open as blank box.
  • In-app reports now load even if there is a missing custom icon file path because of a board import/export.
  • We fixed an error with the Speed report that caused a “Subquery returned more than 1 value...” error in previously affected accounts.

Take a breath and keep reading. We’ve got more great Analytics updates to share!

  • We now include the “Planned Percent Complete” report in Advanced and Premium edition accounts by default.
  • We enhanced the Speed report so that it now correctly reports the latest completed date for cards that moved into the finish lane more than once.
  • We updated the Burndown report formula for “Calculate by card size.”
  • We updated the Speed report to more accurately calculate the cycle time of a card that has been pulled back into “not started” or “started” after it had been moved to “finished.”
  • We made it so that the Card Types filters on Reports include only Card Types and exclude Task Types.
  • We increased the speed and reliability of the Speed and Distribution reports.
  • Finally, we made the in-app reports that have a date range even more real-time by changing the default end date to “current,” where the previous default was the day prior.


Advanced Reporting Sites

LeanKit’s Advanced Reporting Site allows customers to configure advanced reports using Tableau. We’ve made a few updates to Advanced Reporting capabilities in Q1 that help you use it to your advantage!

  • We improved reporting of Current Lane Class so that it now returns accurate data about the status of in-process cards.
  • We also made it so that the “Card Block Periods” data source now excludes archived boards and deleted cards.
  • We updated the Card Lane Containment Period data source so that it now excludes deleted cards and Lanes data source now excludes Activity ID.
  • We made it so that Advanced Reporting Site users with “Publisher” roles are now able to edit workbooks.


Advanced Reporting API

This first quarter we released an all new Advanced reporting API! 

  • We created and improved the Advanced Reporting API URL generator.
  • We made it so that Advanced and Premium edition accounts have access to the “custom fields” and “lanes” endpoints in the Reporting API by default.
  • We resolved some issues causing the API URL generator for “cards” and “lanes” endpoints to time out.
  • We added “Custom Fields” and “Lanes” endpoints to the Advanced Reporting API.
  • We added “Parent Card ID” and “Parent Card Title” to the Advanced Reporting API “Cards” Data Source.






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