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Multi-Board Exceptions

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on understanding the Multi-board Exceptions Report. 


Access the Multi-board Exceptions Report

To access the Multi-board Exceptions Report, simply click on the Analytics menu (the line chart icon) in the upper right hand corner of your home screen and select Multi-board Exceptions from the dropdown.

Note: only Advanced and Premium edition accounts will see this option.



Filter the Multi-board Exceptions Report

The report can be filtered based on:


Filter by Staleness

Staleness indicates a number of days in which a card has not been moved or edited. By default, the Multi-board Exceptions Report is filtered to show only cards with at least 4 days of inactivity. To filter for a different number of days of staleness, type the number of days in the Staleness field.



Filter by Lane Class

Lane Class, (distinct from Lane Type), indicates the status of work as related to the main sections of your LeanKit boards. Work that is in the “Backlog” is Not Started. Work that has moved from the “Backlog” (or whatever you have named your backlog) to the main section of the board has been Started.

By default, the Multi-board Exceptions Report is set to include exceptions happening in both Started and Not Started work.  

To filter the Lane Class included in the Multi-board Exceptions Report, check the box beneath Lane Class next to each you’d like to include.



Filter by Board

By default, the Multi-board Exceptions Report is set to display exceptions for all boards to which you have access in this account. However, you are able to filter the report to show only exceptions for a specific board or boards using the Boards filter. To filter for a specific board or boards, select the board(s) you would like to include from the Boards field. You can use the search navigation at the top of the field to search for specific boards by name.



View a Count of Exceptions

Clicking on the data bars for specific boards displays a count of exceptions for each board. Clicking Open boards menu… sends you to the home screen, from which you can access all the boards available to you.


Please note: If you select more than one board from this chart, the selected boards will reflect "All.”


View Exceptions Details

Clicking on the board title will bring up a further breakdown of exceptions details for that board. The breakdown displays each card, the priority, and the type of exception it falls under.


Hovering or selecting a representation of a card in the exceptions breakdown displays further card details such as:

  • card title
  • start date
  • lane that it is in currently, as well as the lanes that it has flowed through
  • the average cycle time for each lane (in days)
  • the card’s cycle time for each lane (in days)


Clicking on a priority of work will give you an even broader scope of what’s happening with higher priority exceptions.


You can go directly to specific cards as needed by clicking on the representation of a card and selecting Open card… from the popup that appears.








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