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LeanKit Private Cloud Options

LeanKit’s guide on LeanKit Private Cloud options for the enterprise.


What is LeanKit Private Cloud?

LeanKit Private Cloud is an instance of LeanKit created for one customer’s exclusive use. A fully dedicated environment that runs on Microsoft Azure, LeanKit Private Cloud offers greater levels of security, control and customization to meet your organization’s requirements.

LeanKit Private Cloud is ideal for enterprises with high availability needs and strict data compliance obligations.


How does LeanKit’s Private Cloud work?

LeanKit’s private cloud architecture ensures that all data is separated from our shared cloud environment and all other private clouds.


LeanKit Private Cloud provides the highest levels of performance, reliability and availability to keep your business-critical operations running smoothly. Multiple backup and failover mechanisms protect your data.


What makes LeanKit Private Cloud different?

LeanKit Public Cloud is the instance of LeanKit that is available to the Public. Anyone can create an account on this shared instance of LeanKit.

The LeanKit Public Cloud adheres to the following security-related standards:

  • ISO 27002 & ISO 27001
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) DSS Service Provider, Level 1 Certification
  • SSAE16 SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3
  • Content Protection and Security Standard (CPS)
  • Personal Data Protection Standards
  • EU Model Clauses

With LeanKit Private Cloud you gain an exclusive, single tenant environment that provides your business with enhanced security and protection:

  • Segregated Data: Private database provides a separate data store for your organization.
  • IP Address Filtering: Specialized filtering lets you define rules to limit access to your data.
  • Encryption: Customer-specific keys are utilized to encrypt data at rest.
  • choice between European and US data centers.
  • Custom Backup Schedules
  • Custom Disaster Recovery—Failover Support
  • Custom Service Level Agreements

If your organization requires a dedicated environment with enhanced data security and protection, talk to your Enterprise Account Executive about how LeanKit Private Cloud can best fit your needs.


How do I get  Set up on LeanKit Private Cloud?


The first thing you should do when considering migrating your LeanKit account to a Private Cloud instance is talk to your Enterprise Account Executive directly or contact us at







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