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Mobile Notifications

The LeanKit mobile app has the ability to send certain push notifications directly to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

After downloading the app, Android users will automatically begin receiving these push notifications.

iOS users will be prompted to allow push notifications when first installing the app. Be sure to Allow push notifications when prompted if you would like to receive these notifications.  

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If you did not tap Allow when originally prompted and would like to go back and allow push notifications in iOS, tap the mobile menu from the upper left-hand corner of the app screen and tap Settings to access settings for notifications.


You will then be prompted to tap Open App Settings and allow notifications from your iOS settings.


Once you’ve granted the app permission to send you notifications, you will be able to turn push notifications on or off for specific notification types from within the LeanKit app by simply tapping on the toggle next to the notification type. When the toggle background appears green, push notifications are turned on.

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