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February 20 Release Notes


  • We made the effects of clicking the "cancel my subscription" button more clear by adding more detailed wording to the confirmation dialog.
  • We made the in-app reports that have a date range even more real-time by changing the default end date to "current," where the previous default was the day prior.
  • We added Custom Fields and Lanes endpoints to the Advanced Reporting API.

Bug Fixes

  • The start and end date parameters in in-app reports that have a date range now correctly convert to and from UTC time when filtering.
  • Deleting a parent card while a child card is open, then saving edits to the child card no longer causes the child card to open as blank box.
  • Cancelling an account no longer results in confusing error messages.
  • Account owners can now successfully save a change to their organization name.
  • In-app reports now load even if there is a missing custom icon file path because of a board import/export.
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