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LeanKit’s New, Faster Experience

LeanKit’s New, Faster Experience

LeanKit is going through some exciting changes as we update our technology framework. As we roll this out you'll notice a few improvements in the app, including faster load times and a more responsive UI. Don’t worry—all of your workflows, data, and settings will be waiting for you in the update! 

Update 7/17/17 - LeanKit's New, Faster Experience is being rolled out to all accounts over the next two weeks.


What can I expect?

The new experience should primarily be felt through faster load times and interaction improvements—your day-to-day usage of LeanKit should otherwise not change!

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out the new experience gradually by edition. We’ll start with Lite edition accounts and continue to roll this out incrementally as additional features included in our other editions become available.

Before switching each account over, LeanKit users will have the opportunity to access a preview for several weeks via an opt-in button at the bottom of any board.


What is the preview?

During the preview period, we invite you to give the new experience a try and share your feedback and questions with us. We think you’ll love it and hope you’ll stay; however, you can always leave the preview and return to the current board experience.

When the preview period ends, we’ll give you a head’s up via email before we switch your account over to the new experience.

Note: If you're not seeing the option to try the preview, your account administrator may have chosen to turn it off.


What is changing?

The new experience delivers significant interaction improvements in the app, including: faster load times, more responsive user interface (UI), and other usability and functional enhancements.

  • Faster board and card load times

  • Smart, searchable drop-down fields in card details

  • Dynamically responsive card dialog

  • Improved simultaneous card editing conflict resolution

  • Updated text editor with nested lists

  • Updated toolbar layout and redesigned menus

  • And many more!

As part of this improvement initiative, we’re also streamlining certain functionality based on data usage across our customer base. This includes deprecating:

  • Pop-up board notifications (Growlers): To view the latest updates to your board, click on the new Activity Stream icon in the toolbar.

  • Some keyboard shortcuts (Hot Keys): Certain keyboard shortcuts, known as Hot Keys, will no longer be available in the faster board experience.

  • Activity Stream filters

  • Calendar view: the calendar view will no longer be available.


How can I share my feedback?

You can share your feedback by clicking the button labeled “Give Feedback” located at the bottom of any board within the preview.


How can I learn more?

If you have questions about these changes, please join us for Office Hours or contact us at

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