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Adjust Default Card Subscriptions

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to adjust your card subscriptions. 

By default you are automatically subscribed to cards that you are assigned to or that @mention you. To change this setting:

  • Click on your user avatar or initials in the upper, right-hand corner of the browser window. Click User Profile.


  • Then, click My Board Preferences tab.

  • On the My Board Preferences tab you’ll see a dropdown menu under Subscribe to Card Events when being assigned or @mentioned.

  • Click the dropdown to make your choice for this board.
    • Select “Yes, I want notifications” to subscribe to cards when you are assigned to or @mentioned in them.
    • Select “No, I don’t want notifications” to not be subscribed when cards are assigned to you or when you are @mentioned on this board. This will not affect any existing subscriptions already in place.
    • Select “Account Default Setting” to leave your subscription setting to the account-wide default that has been selected by your account administrator.


Administrators: Set an Account-Wide Default to Subscribe Users to Cards that They are Assigned to or @mentioned in

Account administrators are able to set an account-wide default setting to automatically subscribe users to cards that they are assigned to or @mentioned in. To set this as a default setting:

  • Click the three-gears icon on your home screen.

  • Then click Account User List.

  • On the Account User List tab, you’ll see a check box next to Subscribe users to cards when they are assigned or @mentioned.
  • Click the box to make this the default account setting.




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