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Assign a Card

LeanKit's step-by-step guide on how to assign cards to users. 

In LeanKit, it’s easy to indicate who is in charge of work items by assigning users to cards. There are two ways that you can assign a user to a card: by right clicking on the the card face or by selecting a user from within the card.

To assign a user from the card face, simply right click on the card you would like to assign to that user, and click Assign To from the dropdown that appears. This will display a list of users that you can assign to the card.

Click on the name of the user you would like to assign to the card.


Once you have selected a user, that user’s avatar or initials will appear on the face of the card to indicate that they are assigned to that card.


To assign a user from within a card, click on the face of a card to open the card’s details.


From inside the card, click on the Assigned Users tab.


Click the checkmark next to any user’s name to assign that user to the card. Click Save and Close to close the card when you’re done.


You can assign multiple users to a card in the same manner. Just follow these steps to assign additional users to a card.




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